Lastet Catches

  •   11/04/2015
    With a cold front coming we change plans and decided to go after the jacks! Wise decision, we had fun all day long!...
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  •   28/03/2015
    Amazing fishing trip!! Using light tackle we got wonderful fishes!! Congratulations to the team!!...
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  •   21/03/2015
    The second day was much better....
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  •   20/03/2015
    First day of fishing, quite a lot of fishes, we lost an enormous one today after several minutes of fight it got to snap the 80 lbs fluorcarbon leader...
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  •   19/03/2015
    Today was the pay back. Lots of good fishes!!...
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  •   18/03/2015
    Lot a fun today!! We lost some good fishes but tomorrow is another day!...
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  •   17/03/2015
    If yesterday was good today was amazing!!! Rarely I have seen so much fish in one fishing trip!!...
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  •   16/03/2015
    Lots of fishes, lot of fun also!!!...
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  •   08/03/2015
    Lots of fishes, king mackerels, amberjacks and red snaper...
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  •   22/02/2015
    Today the sea was quite rough and we could not fish well, however we still got some!!...
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