About Us

Ceminha Fishing was created in 2005 with the purpose of offering to the sport fisherman in São Paulo another option for fishing the famous bluefish in Ilha Bela Island and surroundings. After fishing for two years in this region, we decide to go further, searching new challenges with the main purpose of offering other fishing areas. With this primary aim the company has moved to Salvador Bahia. The length of Brazilian coast has more than 8,000 km and about 75% of the occurring species in the Brazilian coast are found north-eastern. Observing the sea bottom we realize that the continental shelf which is closest to the continent is accurately in Bahia, where this distance many times is only six miles from the coast.

The depths vary from 50 to 100 meters abruptly falling to more than 600 meters. This proximity also attracts oceanic game fishing, we can find tunas, king mackerels, wahoo, dolphins, marlins and in the extremity of the platform the vigorous Amberjacks.